Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

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     Princess of Glass is Jessica Day George's sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball.  It is a darker retelling of Cinderella, though oddly "Cinderella" is not the protagonist of this tale, mixed with The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  This story follows Poppy.  She is near the middle of the group of 12 sisters, has a twin sister named Daisy, and is a bit more spunky and sassy than the other princesses.  Following the events ending the Midnight Ball tensions are high between all the kingdoms of Ionia.  Poppy and her sisters are sent to various countries as part of a royal exchange program to re-enforce political alliances.  Poppy travels to Breton, the land her mother is from, to stay with distant relatives.  They have a servant named Ellen who seems completely useless.  Poppy and the family have a soft spot for Ellen.  That is until Poppy figures out Ellen has gotten mixed up in a bit of magic.  Poppy knows a thing or two about being cursed; she did spend a majority of her life dancing at midnight balls.  With a bit of help Poppy sets out to help free Ellen from her curse as Galen did for her and her sisters before.
    Overall I liked this story better than its predecessor.  Poppy's sarcasm and spunk made this an engaging tale.  Also, George's twist on the Cinderella story was one that I did not see coming.  I do recommend reading Princess of the Midnight Ball first so that you know what Poppy has had to deal with a such a young age, but its not entirely necessary.  

***Warning: This story may cause you to take up knitting.***


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