Review: Glittering Promises by Lisa T. Bergren

     Glittering Promises is book three in Lisa T. Bergren's "The Grand Tour Series".  It follows Glamorous Illusions and Grave Consequences and if you haven't read them you need to go back and start on page on.  Trust me on this one, you'll enjoy the series much more if you actually read it in it's entirety.
     Since we've read the first two books, we know that the series follows the reluctant heiress Cora as she travels through Europe on a Grand Tour (hence the trilogy title) with her "family" the Kensingtons and their friends the Morgans.  The tour group is led by Will who is attempting to earn enough money to finish school.  For much of the first two books Cora is torn between her feelings for Will and the rich and charming Pierre.  *Spoiler Alert* She chooses Will.
     Now that we're all caught up let's talk about book three.  The format is the same. The point of view shifts constantly between Cora and Will with headers each time the POV changes so you can keep it straight. Personally, I'm not a big fan of this style, but it works well with this story.  There is plenty of romance and mystery. Most of the story is set in Italy and it is described BEAUTIFULLY. My one complaint is that Pierre, and sometimes Will, seemed a bit out if character compared to the previous two books. 

My rating: 4/5. If you're a history fan or if you're looking for a story about a grand tour, then this is the series for you. 


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