Love Is In the Books...

I haven't has a lot of spare time for reading/review/blogging lately (thanks grad school!), but I thought that I would do a post in honor of Valentine's Day.

Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Book Couples:

5) Couple: Katie O'Connor and Luke McGee
    Book: A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman
    Setting: Boston, 1920s

  Let me just start by saying if you plan on reading Julie's novels do yourself a favor and start at the beginning.  Katie O'Connor and Luke McGee are both minor characters in the The Daughters of Boston series and the other two books in the Winds of Change series, but A Hope Undaunted is their story.  Katie has already decided that she is going to marry her perfect boyfriend Jack and become a lawyer (rare for ladies in those days).  Luke never thought Katie would actually fall for him, after all, she calls him the "King of Misery".  But when Katie's father punishes her by making Katie spend her summer at Luke's law firm everything gets turned upside down.  Seriously, their romance has more ups and downs than an amusement park, but who can resist a pair of stubborn 1920s hotheads?

4) Couple: Lydia Pallas and Alexander "Bane" Banebridge
Book: Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden
Setting: Boston, 1890s

     Lydia is an intelligent, independent woman who works as a translator for the Navy.  She is also, unknowingly, addicted to opium.Bane is a completely intriguing character on his own, without adding a lady to his life.  Bane is trying to redeem himself for past sins; he was quite the drug smuggler (read The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden).  So now he is on a crusade to shut down the opium trade in the United States.  Bane hires Lydia to do some translations for him and all of Bane's protective instincts go on high alert.  If this was just a list of favorite heroes, instead of couples, Bane would definitely be at the top of the list.

3) Couple:  Joe Denton and Anna Ivey
Book: A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist
Setting: Seattle, 1860s

Joe doesn't really want a wife, but he needs one.  His land is going to be taken away from him if he doesn't have a bride, land that his lumber business depends on.  So he orders a bride.  There are plenty of Civil War orphans and widows heading West.  Anna is one of them.  The only problem is Anna thinks she is heading West to become a cook, not a bride.  What I love about this story is that Anna makes it very clear to Joe she won't marry him just so he can keep his land, no matter what their feelings are.  She wants to be chosen because she's loved, not because she is the best option available in order to keep the land Joe loves.


                                          2) Couple: Ariana Forsythe and Phillip Mornay
Books: Before the Season Ends and The House in Grosvenor Square by Linore Rose Burkard
Setting: England, 1813

Phillip is the Paragon.  Translation: There is not a more handsome, stylish, wealthy, eligible bachelor to be found.  He and Ariana are thrown together to try to avoid a scandal and spending that much time together makes it rather difficult not to fall in love.  I mean, how many other pretty, young debutantes was Phillip going to find that climb trees?  I wish I could tell you more but even though I love this series it has been a few years since I've read it.  I'll have to fix that the next time a Regency mood strikes.

1) Couple: Evy Varley and Rogan Chantry
    Books: Tomorrow's Treasure, Yesterday's Promise, and Today's Embrace by Linda Lee Chaikin
Setting: England/South Africa, late 1800s

Rogan is every bit the rogue that his name implies.  As the handsome second son of the local squire Rogan turns the head of every girl in the small town of Grimston Way.  Every head but Evy's.  Much to Evy's dismay, the fact that she isn't fawning over Rogan seemed to make him that much more determined to charm her.  She knows its just a game to him.  Society rules would never allow the diamond heir to marry the rector's niece.  What I love about their love story is that we get to read about how it developed over YEARS.  It isn't love at first sight.  It's friendship and heartache, promises and secrets, mystery and discovery.

 Favorite Non-couple That Should Have Been a Couple: Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley from The Harry Potter Series.  Every serious bookworm needs someone to make her laugh.

Well book nerds, those are my favorites.  Who is your favorite literary couple?


  1. I haven't read any of these books(although Before the Season Ends and Against the Tide are in my TBR), so I don't know about those couples. But my favorite literary couples are Harry/Ginny(Harry Potter), Christy/Todd(Christy Miller), Gabi/Marcello(River of Time), and Anne/Gilbert(Anne of Green Gables).

    Lol, Hermione and Fred would have been cute now that I think about it.

    1. Ally, Before the Season Ends is good when you're in a Jane Austen-ish mood. I actually read the sequel The House on Grosvenor Square first because I didn't realize it was a sequel. I was a little confused at times but not too bad.

      I love book Harry/Ginny, but I don't think the movies did a good job portraying their relationship.

  2. Yay, grad school --someone feels my pain. =P OMWow, I just read your "about" page, rather, yay library school. ;-) The articles I have to read for my Intro to Reference class is making me scared of the Metadata and Database Searching classes I need for my core.

    Great picks! I haven't read your top 2, though I've had Linore Rose Burkard's trilogy on my shelf for several years ... =)


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