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Spine Stories

Bonjour Book Nerds!
I was browsing my usual blogs when I was stopped in my tracks by a post on The Artist Librarian's blog. She had a picture of some "book spine poetry" for a contest. The idea is simple: use book titles to create a "poem". It could tell a story or just be similar titles or even just spines with similar colors. I decided to give it a shot. Only my first one tries to tell a story. The rest are just similar titles. I got a little carried away and now my floor is littered with books. Take a look and then share your own poetry!
Heart at Sea
Can you keep a secret?

Always a Bride
Working Girls
Let Me Introduce the Daughter of the House
All In a Day
As the Seasons Go

Review: Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist

Tiffany Girl

Deeanne Gist

My rating: 4 & 1/2 Tiffany Lamps

About the book: Mr. Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of the famous jeweler, has been commissioned to create stained glass windows for a chapel at the Chicago World's Fair. The male glass cutters and other workers decide this is the perfect time to strike. They want higher wages and fewer hours and they know Mr. Tiffany has a deadline to get these windows done. Well, Mr. Tiffany isn't about to play their game and hires female art students to tackle the windows. These ladies are "Tiffany Girls". Among them is Flossie Jayne. Flossie loves to paint. When her father loses her art school tuition by betting on horses, Flossie decides to move out and become a "New Woman". Unfortunately, Flossie is young and naive. She just wants to be able to keep her own money. Flossie doesn't have a clue how the world works, what it truly means to be a "New Woman", or what it could cost her .

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