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Bonjour Book Nerds!

I was browsing my usual blogs when I was stopped in my tracks by a post on The Artist Librarian's blog. She had a picture of some "book spine poetry" for a contest. The idea is simple: use book titles to create a "poem". It could tell a story or just be similar titles or even just spines with similar colors. I decided to give it a shot. Only my first one tries to tell a story. The rest are just similar titles. I got a little carried away and now my floor is littered with books. Take a look and then share your own poetry!

Heart at Sea

Can you keep a secret?

Always a Bride

Working Girls

Let Me Introduce the Daughter of the House

All In a Day

As the Seasons Go


  1. Aw, awesome! Looks like you had a blast. I need to clear the clutter in my room so I can access more of my books to make new spine poetry! =)


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