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Red, White, and Blue Books for You!!

Happy Independence Day!!! I hope y'all are all having an awesome weekend!

In honor of the Holiday I've decided to try a Red, White, and Blue themed post. Here it goes:

The Red Report

I bought myself a book for Valentine's Day and haven't had the chance (i.e. I haven't been in the right mood) to read it. Imagine my delight when this novel appeared on my summer reading list for class! Any guesses as to what novel I'm talking about? Okay, I'll tell you: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.
If you follow any bloggers on twitter then you've probably heard about Red Queen. With all the hype, I was worried it wouldn't live up to expectations. BUT IT DID.

What's it about? 
There is a land that is divided by blood: Silver and Red. The Silver blooded families all have extraordinary abilities: super speed, strength, the ability to manipulate elements, or get inside people's heads, etc. Naturally, with such power, they rule the common Red blooded people. 
Mare is …