Red, White, and Blue Books for You!!

Happy Independence Day!!! I hope y'all are all having an awesome weekend!

In honor of the Holiday I've decided to try a Red, White, and Blue themed post. Here it goes:

The Red Report

I bought myself a book for Valentine's Day and haven't had the chance (i.e. I haven't been in the right mood) to read it. Imagine my delight when this novel appeared on my summer reading list for class! Any guesses as to what novel I'm talking about? Okay, I'll tell you: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

If you follow any bloggers on twitter then you've probably heard about Red Queen. With all the hype, I was worried it wouldn't live up to expectations. BUT IT DID.

What's it about? 
There is a land that is divided by blood: Silver and Red. The Silver blooded families all have extraordinary abilities: super speed, strength, the ability to manipulate elements, or get inside people's heads, etc. Naturally, with such power, they rule the common Red blooded people. 
Mare is as red blooded as they come. Then why does she have a power of her own?  It's a question Mare struggles to answer as she tries to stay alive.

Why I loved it:
Red Queen is exactly what I've been looking for: a cure for my Hunger Games withdrawal. Silvers are basically the X-men version of the Capitol and Mare is Katniss. What's not to love??? The sequel is scheduled to come out next year and I can't wait. 

Waiting in the Wings White

 I realized as I was writing this post that I haven't actually read a novel with the word white in the title. (Well, that's not entirely true. I read White Fang but it's been quite a few years so I don't remember it clearly.) So, I took a look at my to-read list on Goodreads. No white titles there either. Bummer. But wait! There is an author: Roseanna M. White. I have four of her books on my to-read list (two of them are actually on my bookshelf). They look so good, but they just haven't made it to the top of the pile yet. Has anybody read anything by her? I'd love to here your thoughts. 

Beloved Blue

I've discussed a recently re(a)d book and an author that is waiting to be read. The only thing left is to talk about an old favorite. My beloved blue story is: The Blue Enchantress by Mary Lu Tyndall. It's book two in the Charles Towne Belle series.

 I picked up book one of the Charles Towne Belle series (The Red Siren)  simply because it was set in Charleston and I'm a sucker for a book set in South Carolina. I quickly fell in love with Mary Lu's writing. No one writes a Christian pirate story like Mary Lu. If you want a high seas adventure with morals check this series out. (Do yourself a favor and read the series in order). I'm not going to go into the plot, mostly because I'm tired and the details are fuzzy. You can check out Goodreads.
 Actually, I should re-read this soon. It's been a couple of years. Maybe I should start a reading challenge where you see how many books you can read with colors in the title.

Well Book Nerds, thanks for joining me for this long and random post. Have a lovely week!


  1. I've been wanting to read Roseanna M. White for a long time! I wish I could tell you how good she is, but I guess we'll both just have to find out :) I've enjoyed an M.L. Tyndall novel too.

    1. Ally, I keep picking up her books because they look SO good. Too much to read and not enough time. Sigh.

  2. Been really curious about Red Queen. Glad to read a positive blurb for it. Thanks for sharing, Brittany. :) Happy (belated) Independence Day. Hope you enjoyed a spectacular day.

    1. Rissi, I know there aren't many details in my blurb but I couldn't bear to spoil the story! I spoiled the story for myself by taking a peek ahead :(


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