Fangirling: "Once Upon a Time" season premiere

 Tonight marks the beginning of season five of ABC's Once Upon A Time. This has been my favorite show since the night it all began. My friends just don't understand my love for this show. That makes it kinda awkward when I start fangirling. So, I have decided I'm going to fangirl on my blog because I can't contain it. I know this is a book blog, but it's my blog and I can do what I want. Besides, the show is based on fairy tales. That's book related.

If you've never watched OUAT, I suggest hopping on Netflix and starting at the beginning. It's the only way you're really going to know what in the world is happening.

Image via @OnceABC on Twitter.

Without further ado, here are some thoughts I had while watching the season premiere. SPOILERS. Obviously.

  • Little Emma is so cute. And so heartbreaking. I'd adopt little Emma. 
  • Is that movie usher Lancelot? How the heck did Lancelot end up in a movie theater in Minnesota??? And why is he being so creepy?
  • Ooh, Hook and Regina are going to be fun this season. So much anger.
Image via @OnceUponAFan on Twitter. 

  • The dagger is part of Excalibur? What??
  • Rumple is back in all of his sassy glory. He is so much more fun than Mr. Gold.
  • Emma doesn't seem so dark.
  • Emma is chasing the blue light like Merida in Brave.
  • And there is Merida!
  • "Just be glad you're not a bear." -Merida 
  • "You need a hobby." -Rumple
  • Never pull the wookie prisoner gag twice. -How did Henry get so good at deception?
  • Robin was reading Goodnight Moon to baby Neal. :)
  • Zelena is absolutely nuts.
  • Seriously, stop doubting Regina.
  • "I'm not sure my insurance covers going airborne." -Granny. I'm pretty sure no one's insurance covers taking your diner to a magical land via a twister.
  • I love Grumpy & Snow's friendship. Its the best.
  • Oh, Emma. NO!! Don't crush the heart!
  • Hook to the rescue!!! Yay!
  • All the CaptainSwan feels.
  • We better get a TLK between Hook and Emma to save her from the darkness sometime this season.
  • Hook is the best. I want to date Hook. I don't care if he is fictional. Don't judge.
  • Emma gave the dagger to Regina!?! Okay, well I guess that makes sense.
  • Why is everyone always losing their memories? Seriously. Every season.
  • And now Emma really is the Dark One. She looks a lot like the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia.
Image via @OnceABC on Twitter.


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